New regulations require dairies to report emmissions from manure

Many dairies and feedlots are still waiting to feel – maybe a better word in this case is “sniff" – the impact of a new federal regulation on reporting air emissions.

At issue are two major byproducts of cattle operations – emissions of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Both gases come from manure. The new Environmental Protection Agency rule went into effect Jan. 20.

All farms are exempt from reporting emissions from animal waste under an environmental law, according to information from the American Farm Bureau Federation. However, under an emergency planning law, concentrated animal feeding operations must report under certain circumstances.

If the facilities’ owners signed the EPA Consent Agreement in 2005 or if the animal population is below 700 dairy cows or 1,000 non-dairy cattle, the operation doesn’t have to report.

Poultry and swine operations also must report if their populations are above specific EPA limits.

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