Ground water issues in St. Croix County

Below are two links to ground water information that I got from the St. Croix County website. Both are extensive and detailed and will give you a good overview of some of the issues with the ground water in St. Croix County. Incidently, the towns of Erin Prairie, Hammond and Warren have some major issues with nitrates in the ground water.

We heard the term "karst" mentioned in a few of our meetings and these presentations will give you a ground background in what that terms means and how it applies to St. Croix County.

Something to keep in mind is that we are going to be battling many experts who outgun is with their credentials. We must educate ourselves on these issues, if we are to have a chance in this fight.

1. Power Point presentation by Dr. Kerry Keen, professor/ hydrogeologist, the UW-River Falls.

2. Intorduction to Ground Water in St. Croix County

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