Panel will review livestock (CAFO) siting rule

The Wisconsin Livestock Facility Siting Law called “the envy of the CAFO industry nationwide” has effectively:

-Paved the way for rapid expansion of increasingly large and concentrated livestock operations

-Stripped local governments of much of their traditional authority to control land use while burdening them with an incredibly complex and contentious licensing scheme

-Made it difficult for citizens to protect their communities from the risk of water and air pollution

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By Jim Massey
Editor of The Country Today

MADISON - A technical committee will be appointed to evaluate the state's livestock siting standards and determine if changes are needed, the state agriculture department's citizen board determined May 12.

The Wisconsin Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Board listened to more than two hours of public testimony before voting to appoint an expert committee to review the standards in ATCP 51, known as the livestock facility siting law. The board didn't decide what to do about policy questions related to livestock siting, but said it would review the topic in June when the full board should be in attendance. Three board members were absent from the May 12 meeting...

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