The Road That Led Us To CAFOs...

"...CAFOs are said to be an efficient cost effective farming system, and they are – if one ignores the cost to the environment, animals living in unnatural conditions, potential for pollution and possible human health concerns. They are necessary only as long as we demand large amounts of grain-fed meat, dairy and eggs. If cheap food is the only priority, they meet the challenge. Most consumers happily hunt for bargains never questioning the production practices that made the bargains, bargains.

So really, consumers asked for CAFOs, they wanted cheap food, and they weren't all that concerned where it came from. If that idea bothers you, start learning about how food is produced, where and by whom. Farmers will operate CAFOs only as long as consumers choose to buy what the CAFO produces."

Read more of CAFO consumers by Jim Goodman at Fighting Bob.

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