Schottler Dairy Farm Exapnsion Plan

The following was taken from the December 10, 2008 Town Board Meeting minutes. It gives an overview of the Schottler Dairy Farm plan.

Marie Colbeth, representing the Schottler Dairy Farm, her father, John Schottler, husband, Rick Colbeth, and brothers, Nick and Joe Schottler, came forward to explain and answer questions about their dairy proposal. She explained the family is exploring the possibility of a 3,800 cow dairy to be built in Erin Prairie Township in section 20 or 29. The decision has not been made exactly where the dairy will be located, an engineer will help in the planning and construction.

The 3,800 animals will include approximately 500 dry cows and 300 calves. About 80-100 acres are necessary to build the farm site on and 5,600 acres available for manure spreading.

Questions were raised concerning the smell, disposal of the manure, the water level, ground water contamination, whether this will cause lower property values for the homes located near it, and the wear on the roads surrounding the dairy. Several of those in attendance expressed that they do not want to be located near a large dairy because of the previously mentioned concerns and would prefer it not be built in Erin Prairie Township.

Comments were made that Erin Prairie is an agricultural township, which makes it the place something like this should be built. Erin Prairie does have many open acres available to handle the manure.

It was mentioned that Erin Prairie Township does not have any ordinances regulating or prohibiting large dairies from being built.

Many permits must be obtained from the state and/or county and this process will include informational hearings and meetings. At these hearings the DNR will be available to answer questions and concerns.

A comment was made thanking the Schottlers for presenting this to the community before the permitting and building process is started.

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Anonymous said...

I wish the Schottler "family farm" operation would clean up the mess in Sommerset before desecrating another area!

Anonymous said...

They're not based in Sommerset. They're based in Somerset.