Wis. DNR approves Rosendale Dairy expansion of largest cafo

"We have yet to fully understand the environmental and economic ramifications of a (concentrated animal feeding operation) of this size," Beitlich said. "The groundwater contamination and air pollution produced by Rosendale will be unprecedented in Wisconsin. When Rosendale's plans are complete, it will produce 75 million gallons of manure per year and match the waste produced by the city of Green Bay."

Sue Beitlich
Wisconsin Farmers Union President

A waste-water discharge permit issued this week by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources opens the door for Rosendale Dairy to take the first step toward becoming the biggest dairy in the state.

The permit, coupled with a recently completed environmental impact study, will allow the owners to begin hiring as they increase the size of the herd from 700 cows to 4,000. A possible second phase requiring additional public review and DNR approval could add 4,000 cows for an eventual total of 8,000 cows.

DNR officials said the second expansion would make Rosendale the largest dairy farm in the state.

The large-scale operation has drawn criticism from some local residents and officials who fear the manure will harm the groundwater. Opponents also raised concerns about the odor and increased traffic from milk and supply trucks and farm machinery moving in and out of the farm.

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