Drink Water From Cow Manure?

Here's an interesting article about a St. Croix County CAFO owner working on the development of a way to deal with waste water from his dairy operation...

John Vrieze owns the Emerald Dairy in Wisconsin.He has 1,600 cows that make milk, but he is turning something else into water. Cow manure.
The farmer got tired of spending thousands of dollars a year hauling manure out to holding ponds.
He decided to search for another way and discovered the 'Nu Way' system.
It mechanically breaks down cow manure into reusable elements.
One by-product is distilled water..
The farmer says the water is clean and safe to return to the watershed. He says he and his cows actually drink it.

Here's link to the article on this story.Check out the comments at the bottom of the story. "Country Girl" lives near this operation and her water has e-collie contamination.

WKRG.com News

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