Controversial CAFO Expansion In Rock County, WI

Larson Acres is a large factory farm in southern Wisconsin in Rock County near Janesville. There has been an ongoing battle between Magnolia Township and Larson Acres, Inc. to expand the farm. The Larson Acres website has some informative information with videos and pictures about what the expansion project is all about. The information on the website should give you an idea about the is being considered by Schottler Dairy, Inc. in Erin Prairie.

The Larson Acres, Inc. expansion would double the herd to 5,275 animals and cost $12.8 million. This costs roughly $4850 per cow to expand. Since
Schottler Dairy, Inc. is considering a 3800-cow operation, a quick estimate of the project would be $18.4 million ($4850 X 3800). Correct me if I'm wrong here, but there aren't many "families" I know of that can invest $18.4 million on a farm, i.e., we are not talking "family farms" here, we are talking "big business."

Check out the show-n-tell of the Larson Acres expansion project.

The article below from the Janesville Gazette. It explains the expansion plans and covers the controversy over the expansion. At the bottom of the article, there related stories to the on going controversy.

"MAGNOLIA TOWNSHIP — Today, Rock County's biggest dairy farm is pumping out 4.5 million gallons of milk a year.

If the herd doubles as proposed, it also could be pumping out 40 million gallons of manure, according to an environmental assessment released July 20 by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Larson Acres is proposing a $12.8 million expansion that would double its herd to 5,275 animals. Currently the farm raises 2,668 animals on farms at 18218 W. Highway 59, Evansville, and 17162 W. County B,

Both farms are in Magnolia Township in northwestern Rock County..."

Read more of Larson Acres' proposed expansion worries neighbors

Here is another story on Larson Acres taken from the Capital Times in Madison: Cross Country: A makeover for a dairy farm

Below is a story on the court case involving Larson Acres and Magnolia Township.
Source: Agri-view: Court of Appeals Heard Larson Acres v. Town of Magnolia Case on Feb. 17.

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