No Opposition To Erin Prairie Factory Farm?

Let's see...we have had over 300 people sign the petition against allowing Schottler Dairy, Inc. to build a 3800-cow factory farm in Erin Prairie. You want this madness stopped! We've got many e-mails demanding that this doesn't happen. Then the Schottlers show up at the Erin Prairie Town Board meeting and there is no one at the meeting a question them on this madness.

I guess it's easier to find excuses not to attend the board meetings and hope this website will stop the Schottlers. With opposition to a factory farm like this, in two years Schottler Dairy Inc. will telling the town board they want to double their new farm to 6800 cows.

Will you be twice as mad then? According to my math, two times zero is nothing...

From the June 9, 2010 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes...


"...Shannon Schottler and Nick Schottler were present to answer questions if anyone had attended to discuss the Schottler Dairy Farm. No one was present with questions or concerns about the dairy. Shannon noted that the farm does have a web site now for questions or comments..."

Please note, if you have questions and concerns about the factory farm proposed by Schottler Dairy, Inc., you should be attending the Erin Prairie Town Board meetings. The reason this farm is even being considered is because people were not paying attention to the zoning issues in the county four and five years ago. Don't count on others to fight for what you believe in. You will be sorely disappointed with the results.

The July board meeting will be held Wednesday, July 14 at 8:00 PM.

Below is a copy of the agenda for the June 9 board meeting. Please note that the Schottlers were not listed on the agenda. They attended the meeting as citizens, spoke up and were willing to answer questions concerning their plans. Perhaps residents in Erin Prairie need to go to the board meeting and ask the board to put the Schottlers on the agenda and have them explain what is going on.

Here's a link to the Erin Prairie board minutes and agenda. Maybe it's time for the opposition to wake up and smell the bacon...before the only thing you can smell is the tons of cow manure and urine stewing in the giant lagoons along 160th Street.

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