Schottlers Testify At April DNR Hearing About Factory Farm Expansion

The story below titled "General DNR Permits for CAFOs Draw Comments"
by Jane Fyksen was published in the April 14, 2010 edition of Agri-View and includes information on testimony by John Schottler and his daughter, Marie Cobeth. The DNR hearing was in Eau Claire in early April. Here's the information about concerning the Schottler testimony:

"...Somerset dairy producer John Schottler, as well as his daughter, Marie Colbeth, testified in support of the proposed large dairy general permit. The Schottler family has been growing its dairy (a long-time CAFO) for decades. Colbeth testified that “slow processes” don’t necessarily yield better results (referring to earlier testimony calling for more DNR caution and time in issuing CAFO permits).

As a large operation, Colbeth said they “want to do a good job” and be good stewards. They also want their operation to be “sustainable” and use new technologies. Those technologies are, however, expensive, and expansion is needed to financially adopt some of them..."

The store includes addition comments and discussion concerning cafos. Click here to read General DNR Permits for CAFOs Draw Comments.

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