Understanding the Conflicts: CAFOs Vs. The Community

The information below comes from a pamphlet published by the Purdue University Extension. It discusses some of the conflicts and controversy people should expect when a private decision is make to put a factory farm in their neighborhood.

"The expansion of CAFOs in Indiana has created high levels of conflict in communities, largely because people disagree over the permitting of operations, location of the facilities, and their impacts on the community. The stakes are high, and conflicts are emotionally charged. CAFO owners, other farmers, neighbors, and elected officials are pitted against one another, oftentimes damaging relationships for years. Are there better ways of dealing with such complex and controversial issues? This series on community conflict is intended to help people involved with CAFO issues deal with their differences in more effective and constructive ways. This publication is intended to provide a better understanding of CAFOs as a source of community conflict..."

Read more of CAFOs and Community Conflict: Understanding Community Conflict.

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